EMOGI Network(LOL)

Emogi is the most widely used new generation blockchain product with real use scenarios in the world. It is decentralized and easy to use. All users can easily use emogi on berminal and bermi to participate in community construction. In addition, emogi also adopts decentralized underlying solutions to make its products more decentralized. At the same time, emogi is very friendly for users, and Xiaobai users can easily use their products.

Thanks to the rapid growth of short video application bermi, emogi now has 5 million users. At the same time, bermi has attracted the attention of many Latin American countries, and plans to cooperate in the field of payment in the future. Up to now, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic have reached an initial cooperation intention with bermi, which will also be the first step in the application of emogi in the field of payment.

Latin American countries have natural application scenarios of blockchain. Due to the sustained economic weakness and local inflation, the currency devaluation in Latin American countries in the past five years has been very serious. In the past less than four years, the currency devaluation of Argentina Peso against the US dollar has exceeded 400% and has an expanding trend; the currency devaluation of Venezuela Bolivar against the US dollar has exceeded 1200% in the past year. Ecuador and El Salvador are forced to adopt the US dollar as the mainstream currency due to runaway inflation, and there is an urgent need for a monetary system that people can trust. In addition, Latin America also has a huge foreign exchange market. In the Dominican Republic and El Salvador alone, more than US $6.5 billion and US $5.5 billion are remitted to the region every year.

In the past 20 years, electronic information technology and Internet technology have undergone disruptive development. The Internet has made our life more and more convenient. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement in Latin America's convenient financial services. There are still many people who need to complete the remittance in person in local offline institutions and pay high handling charges at the same time.

Now, as long as people have a mobile phone, they can directly complete the transaction, and through the penetration of blockchain technology, in a more secure and faster way. It greatly improves people's happiness. Similarly, this scenario can be put into the field of e-commerce, where users can directly use emogi online to complete transactions and purchase desired products. The most important thing is that emogi can also make business cooperation between different countries closer. Users in different countries can directly complete cooperation transactions through emogi, which greatly improves the efficiency of cooperation. We hope that the emergence of emogi can improve people's social productivity to a certain extent and make the world a bit better. We hope that more people can enjoy this convenient financial service and make the world a better place.